The wine Route

Enjoy Lanzarote through a different gastronomic experience!

Join us to the Bodegas of La Geria – The most important winegrowing region of Lanzarote – to taste exclusive wines and cheeses of Lanzarote

Duration:  9:00 – 17:00 h
Price:      69.00 €
Includes transport, wine tasting of 8 different wines and a lunch of canarian tapas.





This Guided Bodega Tour takes visitors on a journey through the local wine growing area of La Geria. The trip offers you a unique insight into the process of Lanzarote wine production, and of course no bodega tour would be complete without the chance to sample each wine (Transport is included, so that you can fully appreciate each Bodega). The group will learn of the very specific history and peculiarities of wine making in Lanzarote. A walk through the vineyards allows you to take in the breathtakingly and unique landscape along with the cultivation methods.

It’s fair to say that you will not experience another Bodega Tour like this in the world. Our La Geria Insider Tour will lead you through 3 traditional wineries, each with their own special charm! Occasionally you will have the chance of meeting the winemakers and their families during their working day. In each winery we will taste the best wines of the year, complemented by traditional homemade tapas.

This excursion is highly educational with a deep insight into the fascinating world of not just wine production itself, but Lanzarote Wine production. All of this is very closely linked to the geological background of the island, helping you to understand and appreciate Lanzarote in an easy and fun way!


  • Wear comfortable closed shoes (there is not much walking involved, but there will be some volcanic ash surface)
  • Take a jacket. It is always colder in the wine region than in touristic centres
  • Have a big breakfast
  • Don´t make any other appointments for that day


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