How about tasting some exclusive wines with a professional sommelier in the privacy of your holiday home?

To complete the gastronomic experience, we offer different options of Wine tasting also in combination with a selecction of cheese or paellas.

We fully adapt to your taste and provide a customized proposal.

Prices: from € 20 per person





Savor some exclusive wines from Lanzarote or the mainland of Spain with a professional sommelier who explains all about these wines in the privacy of your villa.

Complete your wine tasting with a selection of cheese or rice dishes, which are cooked in front of you. A unique and private gastronomic experience!

Choose from our selection of tastings and pairings:

• Lanzarote wine tasting
(2 dry wines, semi dry 2 wines and 2 red wines)
23€ per person

• Spanish wine tasting
(2 white wines, 2 young red wines and 2 red wines crianza)
21€ per person

• Selected wine tasting
(2 white wines of Lanzarote – one dry and one semi dry, 1 spanish white wine and 3 spanish red wines; a young, crianza and reserva)
22€ per person

• Sparkling wine tasting
(2 white and pink cavas & 2 white and pink champagnes)
36€ per person

Wine & Cheese pairing
Tasting of 3 exclusive wines with pairing of 3 selected cheeses from Lanzarote.
20€ per person

• Deluxe Pairing Wine, Cheese & Sherry
Tasting of 2 port wines and 2 Sherrys from Jerez with a selection of 4 international cheeses.
36€ per person

• Wine & Paella pairing
Tasting of 4 wines (2 white and 2 red) with 2 delicious rice dishes, which will be cooked in front of you.
45€ per person

To personalize your wine tasting – we fully adapt to your taste and provide a customized proposal.

* Minimum attendance 4 persons (a suplement will be charged for less persons attending)

We would like to provide some extra information on your personal Sommelier: Eugenio Bermúdez Perera

Universaty titels:
• Degree in Hotel Management
• Turism
• Master in Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing
• Restaurant Management

Complementary Studies:
• Sparkling wines, Champagnes and Cavas Quality Course
• White Wines Course
• Red Wines Course
• Sensory Analysis Course
• Malvasías Course with the Regulatory Council of Lanzarote.
• Course for tasting whiskeys.
• Formativas Sommelier Days and Sensory Analysis with the Regulatory Council of Lanzarote.

Work Experiences:
• Food and wine Events Organization from 2001 to the present (certificates)
• Has been part of the tasting committee Wine Regulatory Council of Gran Canaria.
• Jury taster in the National Cocktail Competition.
• Inspector of ICCA (Canarian Institute of Food Quality Canary Islands Government)
• Since 2006 he has given training courses in tasting and service to today

Our experts have been involved in over 30 large events including wine pairing events in restaurants such as “La Puntilla”, “Altamar” or “Lilium”.


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